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Mindful Resolution #4: Be Grateful

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In meditation a week ago, the guy who led the session and gave the dharma talk read some work by poet Danna Faulds. These lines stuck with me:

“It took years for me to realize that the very twists and turns and shadows I labeled ‘problems’ were really sacred ground, grace disguised as obstacles, the whole path a pilgrimage, mysteries baring themselves before me all along the way” (from “Every Step is Holy, in From Root to Bloom).

I grew up in a family where we all held on by our fingertips so nothing bad would happen. As an adult, I tend to remember, in my more graceful moments, that adversity brings growth. Here on Thanksgiving, I want to remember that the only way through dukkha is by experiencing it and growing stronger. Grace, disguised as obstacles.

But I think Poi Dog Pondering maybe said it best.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Author: becomingbuddhist

I am a writer, teacher, and mother living in Northern California. Recently I decided to try an experiment in living more mindfully. This blog is my testimonial.

One thought on “Mindful Resolution #4: Be Grateful

  1. Right on!

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