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These old feelings, they come up again

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I loved this post by Amanda today. Enjoy!

Amanda Green YOGA

IMG_4555 High School memories: baseball caps, boyfriend and boundaries

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra

1.11 anubhūtaviṣayāsaṁpramoṣaḥ

Memory is the mental retention of a conscious experience.


Memory is such a funny thing. One of my best friends in the whole world visited me last week. Joe and I met our first year of college so we’ve got decades of shared memories and when we get together, we love to talk about them. After dinner one night we were at a bar sitting around a table with another dear friend, and we were all talking. Joe casually took off his baseball cap and pulled back his hair before he replaced his cap just like a high school boyfriend of mine used to do. Instantly, I had an overwhelming wave of feeling, smelling, and sensing that boyfriend. It was almost like he was there, in Joe’s chair, for a second. You know when you close…

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I am a writer, teacher, and mother living in Northern California. Recently I decided to try an experiment in living more mindfully. This blog is my testimonial.

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