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When a relationship is almost the same, but better

Long time. I saw this post today by the talented Amanda Green and knew I had to reblog it. Like Amanda, we’re moving, finally in a new place after what feels like six months of upheaval. Amanda’s post reminds me how much good can come from a new space, a new start. Namaste!

Amanda Green YOGA

new paint

Tonight, I mixed together some of the old cans of paint that my parents had in their garage and I made a new color. We moved last week, and I’m so happy to be in this new place with the girls and with Dave but I’m not too proud to admit that I’m also stressed out and uncomfortable about all the adjustments, the tasks, the boxes everywhere and the decisions that have to be made. It seems reasonable that I am much more interested in spending time painting walls rather than shuffling and sorting boxes of stuff that we probably don’t need but moved anyway. Someone is going to have to decide to keep, store, sell, donate or burn the stuff. But not me. Not tonight, anyway.

I set aside my stress and indecision and put my hopes into the amalgamation of all these little quarts of paint, which once combined, turned…

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