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Parenting Will Blow You (Away)

A friend sent me this article, called “Parenting Will Blow You Away,” on the site Beams and Struts, and I knew I had to post it here. It’s a bit long, but really quite lovely on the subject of attachment and parenting (NOT to be confused with attachment parenting). The essay likens our lives before children to one of those impossibly intricate sand mandalas, and our lives after children as a time when those mandalas are constantly and consistently blown away. I hope you enjoy it.

And my crass title today? Well, because of the large number of windows I had open yesterday before I read the article–I left it up so I wouldn’t forget–the last word of the title was cut off. So all day, as I was dealing with L and the Fucking Fours, I had the words “Parenting Will Blow You” staring at me.

Apt, in retrospect, though I don’t mean to take anything away from Sam Roberts’s beautiful piece.